Your Benefit

ROC’s approach to providing high-quality, cost-effective operations and data management services allows ROC to create a customized solution across a wide range of assets:

Regulated Midstream with Existing Assets

Often, operators of regulated midstream assets are faced with tackling inefficiencies across multiple local control rooms. These operators also periodically face the need to invest in upgrading an existing SCADA system. ROC can provide the opportunity for operators to consolidate multiple control rooms into ROC’s operation, an immediate recognition of efficiency savings. Operators can also leverage ROC’s existing SCADA platform and onsite SCADA developers to eliminating costly SCADA upgrades. ROC will handle all SCADA development and compliance requirements while operating with high-quality controllers within a best-in-class control center.

Regulated Midstream with New Assets

Bidding on existing assets or building new assets is a competitive process, often with a defined exit strategy in place. Instead of deploying upfront capital to build a secure, reliable control center; hiring, training and retaining qualified controllers each year; and maintaining SCADA systems, operators can leverage ROC’s existing one-stop-shop operation. If operators have strong desire to build and operate their own internal control room, ROC can provide design consultation, SCADA development and network configuration for any control room. Given that ROC operates its own control center, it is uniquely suited to help you design and build yours.

Non-Regulated Gathering

Gathering systems often require lower levels of system control and are not subject to the same requirements as regulated systems. However, gathering systems do require an effective method of not only aggregating meter data, but also accurately analyzing and reporting that data. ROC can provide these customers with a full suite of measurement services, including data aggregation, daily/monthly reporting and system balancing allowing the customers to forgo the expense of measurement software and underutilized measurement teams. And, ROC can monitor these systems 24/7 for leaks or emergency conditions. If these assets are classified as regulated at a later date, ROC can immediately implement all requirements.

Exploration & Production

Many E&P companies own a small population of PHMSA regulated pipeline assets that are subject to CRM compliance requirements. Operating regulated pipelines might fall outside these producers’ core strategy or competency. Instead of building a compliant control room, staffing the control room to meet regulations and managing all compliance documentation, these producers can turn to ROC. ROC provides the opportunity for these customers to carve out the regulated assets from their core operations allowing ROC to remotely monitor and/or control the DOT regulated assets within the required CRM regulations for a fraction of the cost of building or operating a CRM compliant control room

Processing Plants

Processing plants are typically manned with local control systems. The operators on site, often split time between field rounds/maintenance and monitoring a plant HMI/DCS system. Owners are sometimes challenged to balance resources across different shifts given the varying levels of tasks across day shift, night shifts or weekend shifts. Owners also prefer to have 24/7 dedicated system monitoring to assist plant staff and provide a second set of eyes for safety purposes. ROC can provide cost effective 24/7 plant monitoring or off-hours monitoring and control when activity is slower during nights and weekends. This combination can increase safety while also providing cost savings.